Towing and Roadside Assistance

Flat tires, dead batteries, empty fuel tanks, accidents—they’re all part and parcel of life for anyone who spends considerable time driving. Even the safest drivers will, at one point or another, need to call up for roadside assistance or a towing company, which is why it’s crucial that you keep the number of a reliable company right next to your other important driving documents— i.e proof of insurance and registration. We urge you to read this page before you randomly choose a company, for there are not a few towing and roadside assistance companies out there that will either not show up or, equally annoying, overcharge you for simple work. The more you know about what to expect from your company, the better you’ll be able to avoid dishonest companies or companies whose workers were not trained to the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

24/7 Professional Roadside Assistance

You’ll need to call up a roadside assistance company should you ever run into any of the following roadside emergencies: a flat tire, a dead battery, an empty gas tank, or a locksmith emergency. You might be thinking, “But I know my way around cars. Why should I hire someone to fix something I can take care of myself?” The answer is simple: Because the side of the road is a dangerous place, especially at night, and the last thing you want to do is imperil yourself by working on your vehicle while other cars speed by. Too often, we hear of tragedies in which people are run over by drivers who simply did not see them as they crouched beside a flat tire. Rather than risk this danger, call up a roadside assistance company the next time you run into an emergency.
Companies of repute will offer these services:

Fast Response Towing Services

Make no mistake about it: Towing requires skill and experience, and the worst thing you could do after, say, an accident, is to call up a towing company whose drivers received little or no training in safely towing all manner of vehicles. The best towing companies are equipped with a fleet of tow trucks, capable of towing motorcycles, sedans, Jeeps, even RVs. Your towing company should, at minimum, offer you these services:

Choosing an Off Road Services Company: The Checklist

When researching roadside assistance and towing companies, don’t hesitate to ask questions—lots of questions. Of these, the most important are the following:

• How long have you been in business?
• Are your tow truck drivers and roadside assistance experts insured and licensed?
• Will your tow truck driver or roadside assistance expert show me his ID?
• Are you registered with the Better Business Bureau?
• What is your response time?
• Are you open 24 hours a day? What about weekends and holidays?

Remember: The more you know about your roadside assistance or towing company, the better equipped you’ll be to avoid scams and unprofessional service. We wish you a safe drive!

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