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How to Jump Start Your Battery

It’s never fun when your car battery dies on you – following these simple steps, detailed in this tutorial video, you could jump start your battery.

Who hasn’t been through it? You get in your car, put the key in the ignition, turn it and then- nothing. A quick look around and it all clears up – you forgot to turn off your headlights and now your battery is dead… as annoying a situation as this may be, it is still a real simple problem to solve.

So tune in and let Cars Towing show you 5 easy steps to jumpstart your battery on your own:

1. Locate the battery – before jumpstarting your battery you have to find the batteries on both cars. In addition, you also have to identify where the plus terminal is and where the minus terminal is on both batteries, in order to properly adjust your jumper cables.
2. Safety first – when parking the running car next to the disabled car, make sure the two cars don’t touch each other, to prevent a short circuit from occurring. Also, you should protect yourself with goggles and gloves, in order to handle the cables without risking an electric shock or any other type of injury.
3. Connect the cables – this step is very important. Connect the red clamp to the plus terminal of the disabled car’s battery, and the other end of the red cable to the plus terminal of the running car’s battery. Now, connect a black clamp to the minus terminal of the good battery and connect the other black clamp to any piece of metal on the dead car.
4. Start the car – let the operating car run for a few minutes in order for it to charge the disabled battery. Then try to start the dead car.
5. Keep it running – once the dead car starts, remove the cables and let it charge for a few moments.

Drive safely!

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