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How to Keeping Your Car Running to 200,000 Miles+

the Secret to Keeping Your Car Running

More and more people prefer to keep their current car for as long as they can, without wanting to replace it with a new one. This tendency can be explained by the ongoing challenging economic situation, which doesn’t really make people feel comfortable spending money on what they perceive as luxury.

But, preferences and reality can sometimes clash. In order to make it possible for your vehicle to run longer, to faithfully and reliably serve you, and to withstand natural mechanical deterioration, you must maintain a certain pattern of treatment for your car, a list of golden rules, if you will. It is no secret that those heavy running, fast spinning, heat generating machines are bound to weaken and lose power over the years, but you as a car owner can certainly help slow the process down and get much more mileage out of your vehicle.

What Can You Do?

The secret to preserving your car is not really a secret. There are some few reasonable points you need to pay attention to, and some behavioral patterns to adopt that would help you achieve that goal. And that is a guarantee. Ready to learn the not so secret secret to a car’s longer life? Read closely and implement the following:

  • Don’t miss car treatments – every car has its own instructions regarding how to take care of its systems and parts, regarding part replacements, mileage review, air pressure, oil checks, part duration, and the like. If it’s mentioned in the car manual, it’s there for a reason. Don’t just write it off as something you leave hidden in the glove compartment, make sure you know exactly when to put your car in the shop.
  • Choose the right auto shop/ mechanic – yup, that kind of relationship is as important as any other relationship in life, as the right and honest professional who takes care of your car, plays a major part in making it run longer.
  • Don’t be stingy with part purchasing – being stingy with whatever has to be done to take care of your car, like parts and proper treatment, can cost you a whole lot more down the road. It goes without saying that buying poor grade parts or going to less than professional service providers can cause a great deal of damage, to your pocket and to your vehicle.

Naturally there are more things that can be done, after all, it is really up to you, so take good care of your precious vehicle!

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