Secure Trailer Towing in Richmond, CA

Have a trailer that needs to be towed? Taking a boat or caravan on vacation? Leave it to the professionals.
Cars Towing’s team of tow truck drivers has the training, tools and years of combined experience to do the job right. We specialize in towing trailers of up to 3.5 tons for events, family trips and more.
We’re reliable. We’re honest. And we’re committed to total satisfaction.

Trailer Towing in Richmond, CA

Trailer Towing for Catering, Events and Exhibitions

Trailers are fundamental for countless events and shows throughout the year. Exhibition trailers, catering trailers, and promotional trailers offer a convenient, mobile location for businesses of all sizes.
Perhaps you run your own catering firm serving the local community at regular events (such as baseball games, music festivals etc.). Maybe you showcase artwork in a traveling exhibition trailer. Or you might hire a trailer for a one-off occasion to promote your startup.
Transporting your trailer safely and securely is essential in any of these (and other) situations. Our drivers use proven, well-maintained tow trucks to transport trailers across Richmond on a regular basis. They take the time to secure your trailer properly and make sure it’s safe to take on the road before moving an inch.

Towing Caravans and Boat Trailers for Your Vacation

Planning to take a trip in a caravan or boat with family, friends or by yourself?
Don’t keep an expensive gas-guzzler on the road all year long for just one or two annual trips. Leave your car at home and let Cars Towing handle the hard work for you.
We’ll tow your caravan or boat to any site and collect it again at the end of your break. Just relax and enjoy yourself without knowing you have a long drive ahead of you with a heavy-duty trailer in tow.
And if you’re organizing an event or handling a promotional show for a brand, make it easier on yourself. Cars Towing has helped countless customers across the Richmond, CA area with trustworthy trailer towing solutions, and will transport your trailer with the utmost professionalism.
Our drivers pride themselves on being punctual and friendly. We always find the fastest routes and most practical shortcuts to make sure your trailer reaches you on time — every time.

Need Trailer Towing Now? Call us 24/7

Cars Towing’s trailer towing service is available for plant hire companies, telecoms infrastructure, businesses in the events industry, families taking boats out on the water, organizations hosting exhibitions and so much more — right now.
Any time of the day or night, any day of the week, we’re here to help.

That’s right: Cars Towing operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round.
We know just how important it is to have access to professional trailer towing services exactly when you need them. Whether you’re putting on a show, getting away from the daily grind for a while or running a construction project, make Cars Towing your first choice.

Competitive Rates on All Trailer Towing Services

At Cars Towing, we’re driven to deliver the highest standard of customer service in Richmond.
We care about giving you a positive experience each time you call us. We care about earning your trust and being the only towing firm you turn to in any situation. We care about maintaining our reputation in the local community.
And offering competitive rates on our trailer towing services is just one part of this commitment.
Our towing solutions are carefully priced to accommodate customers on a huge variety of budgets. Just give us a call to discuss your trailer towing and we’ll give you an amazing price based on your specific needs / goals.

Call Cars Towing Now to Arrange Your Trailer Transportation

Want to schedule your trailer towing? Looking to find out how much it will cost to transport your boat trailer, exhibition trailer, caravan or any other type of trailer?
Call Cars Towing on (510) 833-7330 now and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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