A Safe Heavy Equipment Towing Service in Richmond, CA

Heavy equipment plays a crucial part in completing a huge range of large- and small-scale jobs. Construction firms, renovation companies, highway-maintenance teams, homeowners undertaking private developments and more all depend on large-scale equipment every single day.
But to actually have access to heavy equipment and machines on-site, you need to transport them first. And that means towing.
Don’t take the risk of towing heavy-duty goods yourself. Hire the professionals instead.
Cars Towing is an experienced towing firm in Richmond, CA, with a group of highly-trained tow truck drivers ready to help you right now.

24/7 Reliable Heavy Equipment Towing

Need heavy equipment towing through the night? Have excavators or loaders to transport at the break of dawn? Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered!
Cars Towing’s tow truck drivers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Make us your number one choice for professional towing services whenever you need them. Day or night. Weekends, weekdays, or even holidays. Just call Cars Towing and we’ll do everything we can to help. Our experts will make sure your heavy goods are secured to their tow trucks safely and effectively, for your complete peace of mind. Just relax and focus on achieving your own goals while we handle the heavy lifting.

Towing all Types of Heavy Equipment and Machinery

Cars Towing’s tow truck drivers transport all kinds of machinery and heavy equipment including motor graders, trenchers, bulldozers, dump trucks, cement trucks, garbage trucks, and all tractors.
This is ideal for businesses, organizations, and individuals working on projects of all sizes across Richmond. Our tow trucks are examined and maintained on a regular basis to keep their performance at the highest standard. Your property is incredibly valuable to you — and so it’s incredibly valuable to us too.
Just call Cars Towing to discuss your heavy equipment- and machinery-towing today.

Licensed Drivers Committed to Safe Heavy Duty Towing

Cars Towing’s licensed, insured towing experts drive the most cutting-edge, dependable vehicles. And their first-hand knowledge and experience of driving across the Richmond area means they’ll reach you far quicker than you may expect.
They know the shortest routes and the worst spots for traffic, helping them shave valuable time off their journeys when towing your machinery and heavy equipment.
Our experts always wear uniforms, drive clearly-marked trucks, and are happy to show you their ID. We know this all matters when you’re trusting a local towing firm with your expensive heavy equipment and machinery.
You want to feel reassured you’re in good hands. And with Cars Towing, you are. Every single time.

Machinery and Heavy Equipment Towing for Your Budget

Cars Towing’s machinery and heavy equipment towing is available at competitive rates suited to customers on a huge range of budgets.
Whether you need your business’s cement trucks towed, your tractors transported or your bulldozers moved from one side of Richmond to another, our towing services are always affordable. Enjoy the freedom of not stressing over-inflated costs or hidden fees.
Just trust our team to handle your heavy equipment and machinery with the utmost transparency.

Arrange Your Towing Now

Want to speak to our friendly team about arranging your own machinery and heavy equipment towing? Have questions to ask about our services or prices?
Just call us on (510) 833-7330 now and we can get started!
Remember, we’re available 24/7 (even holidays).

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